If you check our catalogue you can realize our constant interest in vocal manifestations.
Until now we published already documentation and works in collaboration with Mat Pogo, Ute Wassermann, Joke Lanz [Sudden Infant], Phil Minton & Ute Wassermann (included in Ute's compilation), Jaap Blonk, Tomomi Adachi, Fátima Miranda, David Moss, Kusum Normoyle, Audrey Chen (at our lovely Quota series: Female Soloists in Berlin), and in the mexican compilation: Juan Pablo Villa, Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky, Carmina Escobar, Cacophonic Joy; or even the extreme singers of Batalj and Divorce, among others.

We want to built a new archive of people working with voice, vocal cords, throat, lungs, nose and cranial cavity, all that enable sound by the inner voice.









RELEASE DATE: May 15-19, 2014

<< Finally, the 2 volumes are available >> Click on the image to go to the documents.




- Antoine Läng (Switzerland)
- Alessandra Eramo (Italy)
- Amanda Stewart (Australia)
- Bly: Ingrid Romarheim Haugen and Helen Louise Solberg (Norway)
- Cia Rinne (Sweden)
- Srosh Ensemble: Henrique Fernandes / João Ricardo / João Martins / Gustavo Costa / Sara Gomes / Susana Chiocca / Loreto Trancoso / Sérgio Bastos / Gil Delindro / Alberto Lopes (Portugal)
- DinahBird(United Kingdom/France)
- Agustín Genoud (Argentina)
- SUTT : Sofie Trolde / Utku Tavil (Denmark/Turkey)
- ZOO: Rully Shabara / Dimas Budi Satya /Bhakti Prasetyo / Ramberto Agozalie (Indonesia)
- Jealousy Party: Mat Pogo, Roberta WJM & Edoardo Ricci(Italy/Berlin)
- Jörg Piringer (Austria)
- Thomas Havlik (Austria)
- Senyawa: Rully Shabara / Wukir Suryadi (Indonesia)
- NuN: Corinne Pontier / Julie Zglinski / Carolina Zviebel (France)
- Viviane Houle / Stefan Smulovtiz (Canada)
- Iris Garrelfs (UK)
- Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan/Melbourne)


- Annette Giesriegl / Cordula Boesze (Austria)
- Mirjam Tally (Sweden)
- Chris Tonelli /Andrew Staniland (Canada)
- Dave Phillips (Zürich)
- Rodrigo Ambriz (Mexico)
- Kommissar Hjuler (Germany)
- Ferran Besalduch(Catalunya)
- Julian Ottavi (France)
- Nichola Scrutton & Céline Hänni (Scotland/Switzerland)
- Antoine Mermet (France)
- Joachim Montessuis (France)
- Rogelio Sosa (Mexico)
- Cia Rinne / Sebastian Eskildsen (Sweden/Denmark)
- Jenny Barnes (Australia)
- Gabriel Dharmo (Canada)
- Arrington de Dyonisio & Thollem McDonas (Olympia/San Francisco)
- Yi Xin Tong (China/New York)
- Bonequi (Mexico)











Since 2010 Audition Records has toured several European cities mainly, documenting experimental multigenre, electroacoustic, noise and improvised music.

Currently our database has collective promotional/historic compilations and guest curators of Vienna, Istanbul, Poland, France, Japan, Mexico, Barcelona, among others. In addition to this we publish constantly the sound material of the series we have co-organized as the Ohrengala , and RAM in Berlin.

In 2013 we did the first open call in Mexico City for mexican musicians and residents, and it was a completely success. You can read/hear more in the following link: THE OTHER MEXICO | BEYOND THE PYRAMID". More than 5 hours of music. 70 projects...

This document is our first international open call with a very specialized profile: "VOIX BRUTES."

The material selected for this call will be compiled as an initial attempt to portray as possible and reflect around all the possible sounds coming through your mouths, lounges, and brain cavity as your main instrument.

We have an special interest in all the possibilities of the voice and its extended forms & multi generic techniques.. and even more, new forms indecipherable!
As we said always: we love history and human collaborations, and we believe that we can build together a real network as musicians and collectives, from a perspective of continuity and away from bureaucratic standards of academies and establishment in "culture" and knowledge.

Let's write together new pages in the books of contemporary music.

Thanks in advance.


This Work is under a Creative Commons License 3.0
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