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Mauro Martinuz
Sound Engineer | Audition Records Berlin



Mauro Martinuz (Italy), composer, music producer and sound engineer. Senior sound engineer and technical responsible of the Concert Series at NK Projekt-Berlin (2008-2013), project manager and art direction at NuFest-Veneto Jazz (2006-2012), events management and sound research at N.E.D.A.C. (2006- ), co-founder of Air Protection Office, and mastering engineer of Art in Releases project. Mauro currently lives in Brussels and works as composer for the italian theatre company Anagoor and the video company Controllozeta.

Since 2010 he has operated out of his Berlin-based studio, Transfert Lab, engineering music productions, mixes and masters for vinyl and other media.

Audition Records founder member since 2010.

Indexed photo by La Mela Di Newton, "Urbanscapes - piazza Gasparotto", Padova.


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