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Julian Bonequi
Project Manager & Producer | Audition Records Berlín-México



Julian Bonequi (Mexico), Hybrid Artist and XR Composer. As founder of Audition Records, has published and produced series in collaboration of Salon Bruit Berlin, Akouphène Festival of Geneva, Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum and CCDRadio at the Center of Digital Culture in Mexico.

Bonequi began his career as a percussionist and improviser while studying Philosophy at UNAM Mexico in the early 90's. After finishing specialized studies in Video Game Design and 3D Animation (2004-2010), he collaborated with Interactive Technology Groups and of Neuroscience in the Pompeu Fabra University, as well as guest performer with orchestras and ensembles in Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, London and Mexico. Since then, his interest as musician and technologist has evolved into 3D scores development for interactive virtual environments and coded automatons focused in liminal narratology, vocal channeling, and participatory practices for collective composition.

Founder and Producer of Audition Records Berlin-Mexico.

Indexed photo by Sofía Buitrón "Live at Lxs Grises Vol. II", la Quiñonera, for Sonidos Cercanos.


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