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Julian Bonequi
Project Manager & Producer | Audition Records Berlín-México



Julian Bonequi (Mexico City, 1974), works with multi-genre improvisation since 1995. As curator and founder of Audition Records has produced series of concerts as “Female Soloists in Berlin” (Salon Bruit), “Voix Brutes”: performances focused on voice (Akouphène Festival); live recordings and open studio-performances (Ex Teresa Arte Actual) ; and “Ruido A Ciegas” radio show, with the mexican Center of Digital Culture.

His professional interests range from organic media creation to the human being as sound and instrument. Member of the extreme vocal duo (SIC)... Bonequi have worked for interactive technology groups, mixed reality installations, projection mapping projects and so on. As a professor has taught new-media art education in CENTRO, in the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts(CMMAS), in the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and in the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Founder and Producer of Audition Records Berlin-Mexico.

Indexed photo by Sofía Buitrón "Live at Lxs Grises Vol. II", la Quiñonera, for Sonidos Cercanos.


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