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Deconstructed turntables and cut-up records

Release date: 30.04.13
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"We met in 2001 when we both started at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. We started our collaboration with buying an old Hammond Cougar organ. Neither of us had played music before. Our first single "The earhanger" is a 3 minute highlight of our first improvisation from the day the organ arrived.
We both have a sculptural background and there was a lot of energy in building and adding extra potential soundequipment and soon we had 2 extra organs, typewriters, wacum-cleaners, radios, cassettes, turntables and a lot of other stuff.

The turntable has followed us since then and quickly became the dominating soundobject in our practise. It has a very simple and easy to manipulate technology, so we started deconstructing and rebuilding records and turntables. The whole history of music is available on record and we were no longer limited by your own lack of musical skills.
Instead we could focus on the sculptural, materialistic aspects of the media and choose the music we thought most fidding to the kind of atmosphere we wanted to create.

In 2003 we moved to Berlin and opened a space for concerts and exhibitions called "Habengut". Our bandname was created in this time aswell. On a flyer for an event where we were going to perform our style was described as "vinyl terror" so we added the horror and it has stuck to us ever since."



When we compose music or improvise we think of it as an abstract storyline that takes you through different situations and mental states. It's rather emotional than conceptual. We aim to move the music beyond genres and personal taste.


Artists who inspired you?

We did not pay so much attention to what other people was doing. Later of course we are well aware of great pieces from wellknown artist and that we have been doing things that look very similar. This was only to our own avantage, because we might not have continued this way. By being blessed with ignorance we moved on and have developed a personal sound and approach.


Why Berlin?

It seemed like the best place to go.


I remember Gilles Aubry saying after your concert... "is like music for a movie". Your work is extremely narrative and visual as your installations. What do you think about this?

Our live concerts and our installation work is very close connected. Sometimes ideas for sounds originates from a sculpture, sometimes it's the other way around. The soundscore for an installation is composed very detailed in connection to a visual side. When we play live we like to leave a lot of space for improvisation. How we work with the narration of sound is very similar but it is two very different situations which allow us to explore diferent potentials in our work.


What will be your next project?

It has something to do with a bathtub running over and the sound of circulating water.


How did you start into music and art?

Camilla Sørensen : I grew up on the countryside in Denmark where I didn't have so much contact to contemporary art or music so the start was one year at ærø kunsthøjskole a school where different artist came to give workshops in different subjects of contemporary art.

Greta Christensen: I aswell went to this artschool at Ærø - a year later - without having any idea of what I was going to do there or about contemporary art in general. This decision was a very important one.


Projects and bands you consider people have to discover:

Kaj aune, Sculpture, Trevor Wishart, Gordon Monohan, JG Thirlwell, Janet Cardiff and Geoge Miller, BBC collection of soundeffects on vinyl and a lot more


And about your experience as members of Salon Bruit. I think you are kind of former members, is that correct?

When we first came to Berlin in 2003 we often went to concerts at Salon Bruit and the people involved became good friends. From this we gained inspiration and knowledge which has helped us shape our interest in noise and the tecknology behind. We still enjoy the concerts and the social atmospere around it.


No matter we can imagine the answer... how do music and art impacts in your life ?

Camilla: I could not think of a better way to spend my time
Greta: It is what I do... among a few other things... and I really like doing it.


Future news about Vinyl Terror & Horror? Some physical releases on the way?

We are working on our next vinyl release: "let go of my finger" and we are preparing a solo exhibition for gl Holtegaard in Denmark

Some noisy extreme outsider genres and dangerous art for the ears:

They are not really super dangerous or extremely noisy but we would like to mention:
EMS Stockholm, Fylkingen, Mayhem Cph, Norberg Festival, Colour Out of Space, DE PLAYER...



Vinyl Terror and Horror, 11th April 2013, Berlin





Deconstructed turntables and cut-up records




Camilla Sørensen & Greta Christensen: multiple deconstructed turntables and cut-up records

Recorded by Salon Bruit at K77, on Friday the 21st of September 2012, Berlin. RAM #08 concert series curated by Julian Bonequi. Produced by Salon Bruit & Audition Records.

Special thanks Salon Bruit, Philip Morris & Seamus O'Donnell. Picture by Massimo Nicoletti . Design by Aniana Heras.