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Anthea Caddy & Liz Allbee | BEND BREAK FESTIVAL, AUSLAND

Release date: 27.02.12
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"We started in Fall 2010. We’re two people pushing the limits of our instruments (cello, trumpet) and of our electro-acoustic sound within the space."


Liz Allbee's work spans many genres, most often encompassing improvisation, electronic composition, noise, weird pop, minimalist/maximalist brawls, and experimental rock.

She enjoys collaborations. Allbee's main instrument is the trumpet. She plays also conch, electronics, and sometimes she sings.


Anthea Caddy is a cellist and artist from Melbourne, Australia currently based in Berlin, Germany. Interested in the relationship between space, recorded sound and instrumental performance, her work focuses on her ability to utilise the physical nuances of acoustic and amplified space. When performing live she uses these techniques to create a sonic experience that immerses her audience within her cello, removing the space between audience and performer and allowing the physical and sonic dimensions of the performance space and instrument to take centre focus. In live solo performance she often uses low lighting or complete darkness in multi-channel configurations re-articulating the sonic space she performs in.

Anthea has toured extensively in both Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe notably at, Bludenzer Tage, Austria, Liquid Architecture National Festival, Australia, Diapason Gallery, New York, Leipzig Museum of Modern Art, Germany, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporania, Valencia, Project Space Gallery, Melbourne, Wroclaw Museum of Contemporary Art, Poland and Tesla Centre of Media Arts, Berlin


The first sound in a performance:

A distinct and shifting set of atmospheres within a multi-channel environment.


The creative process:

We began in discussions about how we wanted to develop a project that encompassed each others’ interest in immersive performance and how we could develop a palette that would be distinct within this specific practice. From these discussions we continued working slowly but steadily, premiering out first work at a festival in Berlin and then taking it on the road to Nantes where we performed at the Cable Festival. From then on we have been steadily developing a more intricately detailed and involved sound that works specifically in quad. Our aim is to build on this sound in the next year and come out with a recorded document for release.


How do improvised music and noise music impact in your life?

Sometimes we both eat too much of it.


Musicians as improvisers:

Anthea: I don't completely identify with the term musician or improviser. I come from a media arts based background, so in general my ideas are funneled through art and then articulated through a piece of wood that happens to be a cello.

Liz: I don’t think I ever concretely decided to be an improvisor or even a musician. I just started doing it and kept learning by doing it. I would say I’m more interested in the concepts of action space and time, than around providing a strictly musical experience, whether noise or impro or whatever.


The Future:

As Bogan Ghost, we just want to develop deeper into our own dark sound.



Bogan Ghost, 21st February 2012





Anthea Caddy & Liz Allbee




Contact: Anthea Caddy (AU), cello
Liz Allbee (US), trumpet

*Live at the Bend Break Festival in Ausland on 10th November 2010. Picture by Zev Langer. Design by Aniana Heras.

Special thanks to Anthea, Liz & Ausland