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VELAK GALA | Verein für Elektroakustische Musik
VIENNA 2007-2011
Release date: 26.11.11
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History and Philosophy


Velak is a loose collective and open platform, founded and maintained by former and present students of "Computermusic and Electronic Media", University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

In 2004, students were looking for opportunities to perform their music and experiments, although being unknown to the market, and began a concert series, then called elak gala (ELAK is the short form for the institute for "Elektroakustische Musik"), with the claim to be a platform for different minds with different approaches. the concert series soon got known not only in Vienna, but also internationally. Now, there´s a lot of international musicians coming by in Vienna playing at velak gala. Often a multichannel system is installed. A love for assymetry of loudspeakers as well as a preference of mono can be found within the members. The founding of the concert series was accompanied by the formation of a loose musical collective, named "velharmonic orchestra" meanwhile, a dependance in Berlin formed, the "Donauwellen", a festival for improvised, mostly electronic music, a collaboration between Vienna and Berlin, Viennese in Berlin and vice versa.

The musical context of Velak can be contoured with: electroacoustic, live-electronic, instrumental abstract music, field recording, improvisation, tape, noise. All in all, a certain affinity to electricity can be stated. Not to forget, interdisciplinarity, transmediality, performance, video, collaborations play an important role. Velak can hardly be objectified. Or, in other words, Velak is a lot within a small field and still an explicit coexistence.



Track List


01. Shatter
A.D. Martinz, Tape 2010

02. velak gala #60, 17.05.2011
Caroline Profanter & kaltraum Vollmondt

03.A Space Odyssey, 2011 Matthias Makowsky, nord lead, cymbals, musical saw

04. velak gala #61, 14.06.2011
Rosi Rehformen, cello
Daniel Lercher, bassclarinet, 4-ch Electronic

05. velak gala #14
Stefan Fraunberger, Zambale

06. Walked by shortfilmmusik
Piano, Gloria Damijan
Vinzenz Schwab

07. Statement nr. 5 [galalup]
Peter Seher

08. Overture Wagner Felipe Dos Santos

09. Fluc Wanne 2009 Live Recording
Large Instrumentation + Mufti
Velharmonisches Orchester

10. Schottky
Live at, 22.01.2011
Andreas Stoiber, No Input Mixer Drones
Tamara Wilhelm, Homemade Noise Machines

11.MYR Quartett
Live Recording 2010
Richard Bruzek [ Rhsjb ], piano, electronic devices
Helmut Kleinfercher, .Live-Elektronik..sometimes
Daniel Lercher, Live-Elektronik, horn
Vinzenz Schwab [ Victor Halbnarr ], Live-Elektronik





[ar052] VELAK GALA
Verein für Elektroakustische Musik




Artists: A.D. Martinz, Caroline Profanter & kaltraum Vollmondt, Matthias Makowsky, Rosi Rehformen & Daniel Lercher, Stefan Fraunberger, Vinzenz Schwab, Peter Seher, Wagner Felipe Dos Santos, Velharmonisches Orchester, Andreas Stoiber, Tamara Wilhelm, MYR Quartett ( Richard Bruzek , Helmut Kleinfercher, Lercher & Schwab )
Picture by Alexander D. Martinz. Design by Aniana Heras.

Track 09 edited by Julian Bonequi. Special thanks to all the artists involved, Tamara Wilhelm, Fluc Wanne ( and