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Release date: 25.07.11
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XIIth Century Commanderie de Vaour



"The cellist Soizic Lebrat and the saxophonist Heddy Boubaker, both improvisers, are engaged in a constant dialogue. Their gestures and movements, stimulated by a demanding musicality, are both precise and flowing, like sword cuts in the air. They create sounds with texture and the energy radiated by them is freely spread out as a sound material made of whispers and respirations. The instruments merge into one another to give birth to a music full of peculiarities, where the soft and the rough are combined to express all the shades of the tangible world."


"After these 2 days of recording session we noticed clearly that the music we produce together had two facets: a first one, say, exploring the sound textures, more centered on "material", an intimate exploration of the pure sound... the second one more expressive, more energetic often too, a more musically oriented research ; Both in a pure free improvisation state of mind, but with result of two slightly different generated "aesthetics". We decided to publish those 2 facets in different labels: the first one will be published on French label Le Petit Label ( in end 2011 under the name "Quasi Souvenir", the second one is "Off The Record", this release of Audition Record netmagazine".


Heddy Boubaker, June 26, 2011


Soizic Lebrat was born in 1976 in Lyon. In 1998, she went to Nantes, where she still lives. She learnt cello and classical music in music schools and academies and won several cello and chamber music first prizes. Meeting Joëlle Léandre in Périgueux in 2001 proved to be a major watershed in her musical evolution. She then rediscovers free musical practice and thus becomes a music improviser. Since 2002, Soizic Lebrat has continually committed herself to improvised musical encounters and has performed with many musicians and dancers from various backgrounds, developing thousands of new music playing conditions. Those years of practicing improvisation have also been some years of committed research leading her to explore the different sounds of her instrument, to elaborate her own musical language and to experiment various tools, structures and systems like microphones, speakers, sound transformers or the electrification of her cello.


Heddy Boubaker . Born in 1963, he started music by playing electric guitar in Rock bands as a teenager, since long time passed and he played many other musical styles and then progressively switched to the alto and bass saxophone. His main musical activities are now centered on improvised music and sound research; in solo or with others musicians, poets, dancers ... he is really found of musical meetings. He played on many international places with a lot of partners. He published many CDs and is very active in concerts organisation in the Toulouse area. Since beg 2011 he stopped playing the saxophone and now use an analog modumar synth and an electric bass to produce sounds.










Soizic Lebrat, cello
Heddy Boubaker, bass & alto saxophones

Recorded in XIIth century Commanderie de Vaour, on june 14 & 15, 2010 by Benjamin Maumus Mixed and Mastered by Benjamin Maumus at Studio GMEA.

Special thanks to L'été de Vaour and le GMEA Albi
Design by Aniana Heras