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Release date: 24.06.11
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"The music presented here was live recorded in France and Chile across a two month period way back in 2004. There is a gap of seven years between this music and today, though I believe they don’t sound like belonging to any particular historical era and are a fine example of my music. The music here is all about a deep, collaborative interaction feeling. We try to listen to each other in the moment, blending textures and dynamics together."


Leonel Kaplan, 11 June 2011




Leonel Kaplan (b. 11/21/73. Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine trumpet player active in free improvisation. He has been part of the improvised music scene since the early 2000s performing and recording throughout Latin America, Europe and U.S. with musicians like Tetuzi Akiyama, Michel Doneda, Bhob Rainey, Lê Quan Ninh, Xavier Charles, Ivar Grydeland, Axel Dörner, Diego Chamy, Wade Matthews and Greg Kelley and groups like "Silo" (Audrey Chen & Nate Wooley), "Dog" (duo with Tatsuya Nakatani) and "Diasporas" (Ly Thanh Tiên and Didier Lasserre). Actual collaborations include Christof Kurzmann (lloopp, voice), Eden Carrasco (alto sax), Nicole Bindler (dance) and George Cremaschi (double bass, electronics)


Diego Chamy (No CV) The idea behind this policy is to avoid people judging or knowing others for the things that are written on a CV or a bio. It's clear that people with an impressing CV can have a pathetic production, therefore I believe a CV means absolutely nothing and wish to promote a way of knowing each other that can avoid its representational logic. If you want to know more about me, I kindly invite you to spend some time at the works you can find on this site. I would also like to encourage you to adopt this same policy, with or without mentioning me.


Ivar Grydeland. Started his professional career as musician and composer in 1999. His activity ranges from concerts, tours and CD releases with regular groups (Huntsville and Dans les arbres in particular) and ad hoc constellations. He has performed both solo and with ensembles on major festivals for contemporary music and jazz in Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Canada, USA, Japan and more. Grydeland is part of Hanne Hukkelberg's band since 2007. Grydeland composed and performed the music to the piece LIV based on Jon Fosse’s “Stengd gitar” that premiered on Nationaltheateret in Oslo in October 2007. Grydeland also composed music for the dance performances Isolde (Dansens Hus in Oslo, April 2008), Making Amerika (with Huntsville - Dansesn Hus, February 2010), Seanse (Dansesn Hus, April/May 2011). Long-time collaborators are in particular Ingar Zach, Tonny Kluften, Xavier Charles and Christian Wallumrød. On shorter terms or for more ad hoc situations are Rhodri Davies, Tony Oxley, Paul Lovens, Thomas Lehn, Pat Thomas, Yumiko Tanaka, Phil Minton, Håkon Kornstad, Bjørnar Andresen, Jon Christensen, Jaap Blonk, Michel Doneda, and others.


Axel Dörner is one of the most distinctive and versatile voices in European creative music, his playing distinguished by its great concentration and focus, perfect timing, sensitivity to group dynamics, and a textural range that seems to defy physical possibility, from solid sheets of white noise to impeccably articulated pure tones, massively elongated slurs to sharp percussive shocks. His range of collaborations is also impressive, from steely modernism with Keith Rowe to playing the complete works of Thelonius Monk with Alexander von Schlippenbach, small groups such as The Contest of Pleasures (with John Butcher and Xavier Charles) and Toot (with Thomas Lehn and Phil Minton), larger projects such as Phosphor and Otomo Yoshihde's New Jazz Orchestra, and duos with Angharad Davies, Mattin, Diego Chamy and Fred Lonberg-Holm.



Track details


1. Live at Valparaiso
Kaplan, Chamy, Grydeland. 22/07/2004

2. Musique Quotidiane Sonore Festival
From The Complete "Absence" Trio Sessions by Dörner, Kaplan, Chamy
Recorded 5/13/2004 by Diego Chamy in France.









Leonel Kaplan, trumpet
Diego Chamy, percussion
Ivar Grydeland, banjo and electronic devices
Axel Dörner , trumpet

Recordings by KAPLANCHAMY. Picture by Michael Muniak at High Zero Festival (Baltimore, USA). Design by Aniana Heras

Special thanks to Creative Sources Records & Musique Quotidiane Sonore Festival and to Alma Laprida who introduced us Leonel's work.