Tours 2013:

Bonequi | Alienated Rituals!
Split gigs with MoE in Mexico




Special credits:

We want to give special thanks to MoE, for your music, support & profesionalism. To Eric Namour, el Nicho Aural, and the Norwegian Embassy, who make it possible to have MoE in Mexico for its first time sharing this gig with us.

And of course, to one of each of the organizers who hosted us in their local cities, to the great audience, and to all the musicians who made of each experience a great night for all of us. To the photographers and videographers capturing Bonequi's music and vibrant moments.

And finally, a very special thank you to all those who helped make this happen!






The Mexican Tour

8 dates, 5 cities: Mexico City, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Tlaxcala, Guadalajara

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This memory archive is a work in progress. As soon as new material arrive we will update this page.



26.05.13 Bonequi | MoE | Weedsnake | Words @ La Quiñonera, Mexico City.

Pictures by Valeria Castillo & Mariana Ortíz | FB Event

Special thanks to La Hoja de Arena & La Quiñonera venue, and to the mexican bands Weedsnake, Words for its good energy and music in such amazing space. MoE : Split gigs with Bonequi



25.05.13 Verga de Pájaro | MoE | Futurología @ ggllaacciiaarr, Mexico City.

Pictures by Ana Nieves | FB Event | Flyer

Special thanks to,, to ggllaacciiaarr gallery, and to the bands Verga de Pájaro + Juanjosé Rivas, & Futurología.



24.05.13 Bonequi | MoE | Par Ásito 5000 @   Casa Babel , Guadalajara

Video by Gerardo Cañibe | Flyer by Fabriccio de la Mora

Special thanks to Par Ásito 5000 and to Casa Babel. | FB Event



23.05.13 Bonequi | MoE | Alex Cachivache Reyes @ TLAÇOLONI: Arte a 360 Grados, Tlaxcala


Picture by YoLa GarLima

Special thanks to José Luis Romero and Arte a 360 Grados
FB Evento | Flyer



22.05.13 Bonequi | MoE | Halo Between @  Foro Escénico, Museo de la Ciudad, Querétaro


Video by Håvard Skaset | Flyer

Special thanks to Gabriel Hörner García, Director of the City Museum in Querétaro and to Halo Between band.



21.05.13 MoE | Bonequi @ Sesión Transónica Cabaret Voltaire, Guanajuato
20.05.13 Guro Skumsnes Moe solo | MoE + Bonequi + Local Musicians

Pictures by Manuel Orduña Guerrero and Ana Montiel. Flyer by Martin Escalante

Special thanks to Ana Montiel, Julián Montes de Oca, Martín y Oscar Escalante, Cabaret Voltaire & Proyecto Antipasto.




FESTIVAL DE MÉXICO 18/19.05.2013 | Flyer

17:30 hrs | Projection: "The Breath Courses Through Us" | Dir. Alan Roth EUA, 2013
Concerts 18 may | 19:30 – 23:00 hrs

Hild Sofie Tafjord (NO) | Chefa Alonso (SP) | Julian Bonequi (MX) | John Wiese (US) | Fernando Vigueras (MX)

Video documentation by Concepción Huerta

Pictures by John Wiese, Marco Fierro Mendoza, Centro Cultural España, Manuel Orduña Guerrero & Julián Orduña

Special thanks to Eric Namour, Finella Halligan, el Nicho Aural, Centro Cultural España, Rogelio Sosa, Aural & Festival de México.





Co-organized by

Nicho Aural
Museo de la Ciudad Qro.
Arte a 360 Grados
Licuadora Records
La Hoja de Arena


Images by

Valeria Castillo
Mariana Ortíz
Ana Nieves
Gerardo Cañibe
YoLa GarLima
Håvard Skaset
Concepción Huerta
Centro Cultural España
John Wiese
Marco Fierro Mendoza
Manuel Orduña Guerrero
Julián Orduña
Martin Escalante


Produced by

Audition Records:
Tour Management and Logistics.
Coordinated by Julian Bonequi.