Electroacoustic Trio

Das Apparat

Zeger Vandenbussche

saxophone and bass clarinet

Zeger Vandenbusche

Zeger claims to be musically influenced by the sound of spinning neutrons, multiplying cells, sunbeams penetrating the atmosphere, but considering the frequency range of the humanoid ear, that’s highly unlikely.

Attracted by the thriving population of skylarks in Flughafen Tempelhof he recently relocated to Berlin.

Julius Holtz


Julius Holtz

At the age of fifteen Julius Holtz found an old turntable on the street. He plugged it into his hi-fi amplifier, started to scratch and did fadings with the volume knob.

His parents were surprised by the strange noise coming from his room but the professors at the Berlin University of the Arts liked his work and so he studied sound. In order to keep the electronic spontaneous and flexible, he plays his improvisations on a setup consisting of a turntable and a laptop.

Julian Bonequi

drums and voice

Julian Bonequi

Eight years ago since he crossed the sea to Europe. Tribal chants and ancestral screams came with it under his arm and suitcase.

After carrying his drums since 1995, in 2011 he decided finally to cut them with a saw... now he has the smallest drums of Berlin and his back is proud of it.