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July 2017

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voice and megaphone amplification

"I am vocalist from Geneva, Switzerland. I build an important part of my work on the exploration of raw features of the voice, peripheral sounds and parasites, intimate and incidental noises as well as strategies of abstraction - restoration of these sounds as musical material and their projection - dissemination in the space, somewhere between electroacoustic and noise music involves extended techniques and acoustic devices (megaphone amplification or electronic treatment). Performing in various ensembles (dQtç, InsubMetaOrchestra, Leon, Blind Thorns, duo with Michel Doneda). I am also involved in Insubordinations and Akouphène, two associations promoting improvisation and experimental music in Switzerland.

My solo work is focused on voice and extended sounds, the display of the sounds in space and the role of the body in the production of sound, mainly in an electroacoustic / noise perspective. I am currently working without any amplification, with metal megaphones, to enhance the voice, it’s specific strengths, fragilities and noises and the possible uses of the performing space as a composition element.

I will in Mexico to be part at a residency in Casa Mauuad to work on Receptionism, an aesthetic approach based on the question « How to be a good host? / how to be a good guest ? » applied to art, music composition and performance. I will be collaborating with Louis Schild [Musician], Adina Secretan [Choreograph], Eik Frenzel and Yves Dreier {Architects]."