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Berlin 2010, Mexico City 2013 -



Audition Records is a transnational platform working on the development of new formats and experiences of hybrid creation from the perspective of unconventional sound. Critical thinking and curatorial practice - documentation and production -, a research studio aimed at expanding creative networks.

Audition Records | Hybrid Arts Laboratory is a constantly evolving project. Currently we are based in Mexico.



2010 | Audition Records Berlin. Curated and managed by Julian Bonequi (Mexico), with the collaboration of Aniana Heras (Spain) as designer, Mauro Martinuz (Italy) as sound engineer. Berliner partners: NK Project and Salon Bruit.

2012 | RAM - Animation and Musik - collaboration with Salon Bruit at K77; and with the Ohrengala series, coproduction with Bei Roy and CoCo as curator.

2013 | "Female Soloists in Berlin", Salon Bruit, with Philip Morris (Ireland/associate curator) and Jérémie Pujau (France/videographer). Audition Records Mexico: Concepcion Huerta (videographer), new member.

2014 | "Registros de Audición", in collaboration with Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum. New collaborators: Señorongo (photography) and Luis Ortega (sound engineer). In Geneva, VOIX BRUTES, in collaboration with Akouphène Festival and Antoine Läng.
"Ruido A Ciegas" radio show, in collaboration with Centro de Cultura Digital, Diego Aguirre, Eric Flores, Juanpablo Avendaño and Fernando Dimare.

Collaborations with CMMAS - Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras -, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala, Arte A 360 Grados & Fundación Suiza para la Cultura ProHelvetia.

2015 | "Pensamiento Crítico" newest collaborators, the photographers Mario Hernandez and Mara Arteaga. And on writings: Andrea Ancira, Rossana Lara, Inti Meza, Jorge Solís Arenazas, Aimée Theriot, Fernando Vigueras and Andrés Oriard.

07/09/2015: Gerardo Alejos Victoria, new member and translator for upcoming editorial projects.

Collaborations with Norient (Bern) for the exhibition "Seismographics Sounds, Visions of a New World" at ZKM and in Transmediale.

26/12/2015: Official launch of GIS, our hybrid studio based in Mexico City.

2013/2016: ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE Mexico: Joachim Montessuis (Paris) | Scott Cazan (Los Angeles) | Alma Laprida (Buenos Aires) | Carlos Baz (DF) | Juanjose Rivas (DF) | Jealousy Party (Florence/Berlin) | TZII (Brussels) | Vinyl Terror & Horror (Denmark/Berlin) | Valentina Vuksic (Switzerland) | MOE (Norway)...

Finally we want to give deep thanks always to Edu Comelles (SP), creator and promotor of our spanish/catalan brother Audiotalaia.